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It seems that you've mastered the art of the "trace the object for multiple frames to get the shakiness" concept.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Ha ha Ty I would but thats actually insane! I actually select the object and click round or sharpen and it automatically distorts the lines. I think some people actually do that but just the thought gives me diarrhea!

0:15-0:16 Dad's shaking because meatcanyon has executed the "trace the object multiple times" trick to get a shaky effect from his animated character. This is original, although not my taste in humor. This is good. Thanks for sharing.

Art & Animation quality leveled up big time. Thanks for practicing Califlower; your work is definitely improving.

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In regards to the author comments, no it's not that obvious. More importantly, this game has no sense accomplishment or fear. The screen just reloading doesn't make me feel defeated. A simple "you lose", or "Ha! You lose BOI!" would help. Some music, sound effects. Things of that nature. The graphics are simplistic. It looks more like you've developed an engine than a game.

I'm pretty sure if you dressed this up with music, sound effects, a points/score system, a preloader, menu, credits, lose screen, win screen, and some levels, this'd be a fine game. Feel free to browse NG's audio portal for royalty free music. Feel free to use my musc ;) Thanks for sharing and keep practicing!

JacobMcKissock responds:

Thanks for the feedback, made me really rethink the concept, added some sounds, and a lose screen along with a high score generator, unfortunately the high scores only show as your personal scores, however I am working on an online server for the scores so you can see everyone else on the score board. I hope this helps you reevaluate your opinion, thanks

Worth while ending and replay value. This game is great display of the Flash CS3's capabilities. Speaking of which, there are frame rate issues at the end that rendered the cut-scenes useless. I remember playing this as a kid and here I am five years playing it again.

Part Three would be a dream come true. PLease make a part three.

The animation's really good, but perhaps consider using thinner brush strokes. The plot's obviously inspired by Riddle School. You should look up some more game tutorials and maybe look into an action-script and/or flash book to learn the programming necessary to make more immersive game play. It's an okay quick game. The backgrounds are cheesy and the white border lines kill the atmosphere. Keep practicing!

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A relentless chiptune in B-flat. This is catchy. Thanks for sharing adaMills :)

adaMills responds:

Don't forget about that direct modulation to D major! Thanks for listening!

I'm not DAW-savvy. What exactly does this plugin do? For example, if you had a simple MIDI melody or drum beat, how would this MIDI be transformed? Nonetheless, it sounds like you created something musically intriguing, and something for the DAW artists rocking freeware will love. Good for you I0TA!

Montron responds:

It's an effect manipulation plugin. You can create glitch, stutter, stereo, panning, phaser, pitch change, time stretch and IR manipulate, all can be generated on the fly. This would be the first plugin in the music industry that employs TenserFlow, machine learning code library to generate functions in real time.

I have been working on the project since Symphony of Chaos, over a year ago. This is going to be the ultimate project for sound design.

I'm pretty sure this is what whales think of when they're thinking of new ideas for their next EP. This to me is... ocean wavy... this is nice thanks for sharing LSD.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! Yeah, it's a bit out there, I suppose. I can defenitely hear the ocean vibe!

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He's an inflatable beach ball now.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Jeez Ty why are you so insensitive? Chutney is in a lot of pain because of his reverse chest hump cant you see?!

I'm hopping with joy right now.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Ha, I knew you would!

Skinny dipping... actually I have no witty joke for this one. The subject's surrounded by roses, I take it she's a flower? I haven't a clue, but it definitely seems you've gone for what you were going for. Good work here Dico.

DicoBurdova responds:

thank you! ^^ funny, you're not the only one who interpreted it that way, i definitely like the idea! thank you for commenting!

I used to animate flash cartoons as a teen, but now I compose contemporary orchestral and classical music. Instruments I Play Guitar, Ukulele, and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet.



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