I used to animate flash cartoons as a teen, but now I compose contemporary orchestral and classical music. Instruments I Play Guitar, Ukulele, and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet.



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Tyguy80s's News

Posted by Tyguy80s - June 1st, 2018

Link here to the latest track. So, I was inspired by Trent Hamilton's video on his vintage tuba repair project. It's a commendable effort, taking care of something potentially valuable that would've otherwise'd been binned. It's like if someone lent a vintage Corvette to a scrapyard solely because it was dirty and had a faulty engine part. Interchangable parts are readily available online and at a local auto parts store, and carwashs are around every other town/city here in America.

Nonetheless, I've less time available to me now for making music, but I still wish to write. My YouTube channel I update more often if you wanted a more frequent dose of Tyguy80s music. Thanks for reading. I'll get back at it now :)


Posted by Tyguy80s - May 22nd, 2018

Okay, so I took that break. Inspiration struck, but more importantly I have some concepts and methods to employ. The main issue that caused the songwriting vacation was not so much inspiration but not being sure what to say with the new music or how to develop the idea I had. I talk about it more in the vlog below.

New music is in progress. Whether it's my own or a simple clarinet cover/arrangement, it's definitely inbound. Here's hoping to some good music coming out within the next two months. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Tyguy80s - May 14th, 2018

As the title suggests. So it seems the inspiration and the "drive", "intrinsic motivation", whatever-you-call-it, has taken a nose dive. I had a composing goal of 20-30min. of chamber music based on the Frog image and now I have 16ish-min. and no longer feel "froggy". Not sure what to make of this, but I suppose a break from songwriting might be in order. I'm sketching ideas here and there, but nothing's sticking right now.


I don't know if I want to compile the PDF for the Frog Suite and slap it on IMSLP now, or if I should give it a few days to think about where it's going next. I still have ideas, a tuba sonata (tuba, I know), string quartets, saxophone solos, clarinet works (I play clarinet and bass clarinet, so why not?). Of course, everyone takes a vacation/rest from certain aspects of their lifes all the time, it's not shocking.


What is shocking, for me at least, is that I've now an attainable dream in life. I explain it more in this vlog, but essentially I have a desire to learn instrument repairs. It'd be a potential lifelong career in something music related, and I know that I have to patience and the desire to do something with my music knowledge. Nothing's worser than having a gift for something, never bothering with it when you're young enough to try and you wake up one much older and lacking the tenacity and patience to pursuit a goal in life that you have in your youth.


In closing this post; the Frog suite just might be done soon. New music will be on halt for some indefinite amount of time. I'm still chipping at it day-by-day, but perhaps my mind's somewhere else now. I'm pursuing the knowledge on how to fix clarinets, and maybe guitars too since that was actually my first instrument. Thanks for reading. I;ll post an update sometime in the next two weeks to let y'all know what's happening next.


Posted by Tyguy80s - May 4th, 2018

So here's the latest song for y'all. Also, I took a crack at playing one of my own bass clarinet songs. It's this song, along with YouTube bass clarinet greats Sebastian Tozzala and Michael Lownestern, that inspired me to take up the instrument. The song's also based off a personal story; a stranger that needed help. Oddly enough, never having experienced a clarinet before when I wrote this, I seem to have inadvertently written for the whole range of the instrument and every tricky note on this instrument too.


The Frog Suite is about two-thirds finished at this rate I'd say. I suppose three songs more songs at this rate. The goal is 20-30ish minutes, and now I have about 14:41 seconds worth. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Tyguy80s - April 30th, 2018

I will learn how to play some of my own songs someday. Here's a preview.

Posted by Tyguy80s - April 20th, 2018

The latest song is now out on the portal! Also, @ChutneyGlaze made this really adorable loop based off the project. I'll be featuring it throughout the remainder of the project. As far as exactly how many songs I want to have in the project, not sure. I know I would like about 30ish-mins. worth, so I suppose once I have about ten or so songs... well I answered my own question there didn't I... no matter! Perhaps a story will be invented about the frog, like maybe he falls in love or something. That could serve for inspiration of three more songs right there. Having a lot of fun creating these miniatures and am very inspired to write music recently.


What to expect soon? A Bassoon & Bass Clarinet Duet perhaps, a soulful violin, cello, or bass solo. The possibilites are endless. Thanks for reading. I'll update soon.


Posted by Tyguy80s - April 13th, 2018

The new song is out. So as far as songwriting's concerned, I'm trying to create this chamber ensemble collection inspired by the frog pictured in the above video's preview image "Frog in a Thunderstorm" is the second track for the Frog Suite project. I'm thinking the next few songs could be unaccompanied solos for bass clarinet, cello, bass, & violin. I'm going for a Mozart Gran Partita/Camille Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals sort've vibe.


Also I went through my old Op.35, the suite for Bass Clarinet & Harp. I finally revised the piece of all the beginner composer mistakes and made part scores, what I should've done very long time ago. (FYI Credit to DicoBurdova here on NG for allowing the use of his art for the cover page below).

Speaking of bass clarinet, I've been practicing and now am studying the Rubank Intermediate method. Yipee! Not a total beginner anymore! Funny, the bass clarinet suite was what inspired me to take up clarineting but it's now actually my least favorite creation of mine. In other words, I don't find myself listening to that collection over-and-over again. Perhaps in due time, I could actually start performing my own works.


Anyways, thanks for reeding (clarinet pun)


Posted by Tyguy80s - April 4th, 2018

So my latest addition to the audio portal and my liszt of compositions! The longest I've spent on the shortest piece. This took me two weeks to write; it was a little difficult to figure out what to write about. I ended up thinking of a cute cashier lady that keeps getting hit on for five hours straight. If you want, here's the NG link.

As far as what's next, I want to finally go about the Frog suite! It'll be a collection of chamber music for oboe, english horn, harp/piano, bassoon, maybe bass clarinet, violin, cello, and string bass. It'll probably be about 20-30min. long. I'll upload each song as I finish them. I talk a little more about that in today's bike riding vlog

Thanks for reading. Here's the inspiration behind the Frog Suite



Posted by Tyguy80s - April 3rd, 2018

Should be finished within the next day or two. Thanks for reading.

Somehow, this'll become an album cover. 


Posted by Tyguy80s - March 26th, 2018

Inspiration has struck! I shall composeth yee clarinet sonates! Glad that writer's block has ended, it was hurting my feelings. Anyways, thanks for reading.