Second Movement Finished!

2017-09-21 07:40:24 by Tyguy80s

<a href="">Symphony No. 1 in E: Allison &amp; Victoria W.I.P. by Tyler Boyle</a>

This movement was tedious to arrange. Alas, it's finished and I'm satisified with the result and I'll look forward to uploading it here tonight; night time meaning more views :D Few more tasks await the conclusion of the work I'll list them below

The to do list for the symphony

  1. Write the brass interlude that connects the second and third movements.
  2. Trust in Despair, since it's a chamber work I'll have to orchestrate it.
  3. Remaster remaining tracks: Detail work on the orchestra songs; accompainment on the remaining harp solo. 
  4. Perhaps write one more song.
  5. Proofreed entire score when finished, make sure everything flows.
  6. Divide Sheet music into movements.

Thank y'all so much for following and reading. Have fun!


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