Friday - WEEK 15

2009-09-11 06:53:05 by Tyguy80s

This happen because Wednsday I couldn't do it for personal reasons and Thrusday I forget to make this so now I shall post what I would on a WEDNSDAY and this will not become a regular thing so expect this to happen again

My Flash So Far

Well Me and Justin were thinking of an idea for a flash animation and yes we did make one, Justin got done making the script and is making a illistrated comic of the whole thing thing just to give me more of an idea on what I am animating and as soon as he finishes it, I will start animating it.

115 visits all time and I will be making changes to the store there because some saw I was copying off others which I never noticed and I came to think that they would probably never get bought so I deleted the products I didn't like so expect LOTS OF CHANGES!

In other news, I got Dreamweaver and I am making a prototype website (which I am not gonna make public) and I hope some good happen there. RockBand: The Beatles came out 2 days ago so if you were looking forward to that then GO BUY IT!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail me them and I will answer them on next Wednesday and please go check out Tyguy80s Store on Zazzle. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR MORE INFO!

Friday - WEEK 15


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