Entry #108

Cartoon's Up

2018-01-20 08:00:43 by Tyguy80s

Philantrophy accomplished. The episode I voice acted for is here. Califlower's newer and I'm not a voice actor, so the cartoon's not that great but nonetheless it was fun to do on a whim. As far as the current music project, the third movement's being orchestrated with strings, bells, flutes, and mellow brass. It's this nocturne. In the full concerto I'll even tag a tuba solo at the end before a loud bombastic marching band-esqe movement. One of my Mom's prominment stories she told me of was when the tubist acciddently knocked into her and dinged her cornet. She'll totally get the reference, and if they were a real life it'd induce a giggle or two.


Thanks for reading. I'll post the orchestrated song probably within a couple days. What remains after the nocturne is the high school movements, the marching band and concert band which probably explore atonality some, since she did perform the Rite of Spring upon graduating. In other news, I leveled up to 16, woohoo, selfish stats! Maybe I'll dedicate a day to blamming and protecting and get a fancy badge that no one but myself'll care for XD I'll post again soon.


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