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I used to animate flash cartoons as a teen, but now I compose contemporary orchestral and classical music. Instruments I Play Guitar, Ukulele, and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet.

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It's All Done!

Posted by Tyguy80s - December 17th, 2017

The piano transcriptions are completed. I've arranged it into score-read video form, but you can certainly find all sheet music on my IMSLP page. I've updated the piano versions of the songs present here on Newgrounds too, so feel free to check those out, I'll label the updated songs below the video.

Updated Tracks

Sad Flowers




As far as what's next. I've decided... that I'll be taking on a clarinet concerto! My Mother has told me so many stories of her grade school band experiences, I've decided that I should finally do her a favor and write some music for her! I've named music after other newgrounders, and I've done so for a few ladies in my life; why not the most important lady in my life?


Being WAY more experienced now, I'll be able to more easily arrange the music and it should probably process quicker than the first symphony! That, and I'd imagine y'all who've followed me are probably sick of these mini songs I keep spitting out. My Mother's clarinet concerto will be somewhere near 20-30min., it'll include an intro, and three sonata-like movements. They'll somehow chronicle her stories. She prodominantly played clarinet and trumpet, but a slew of others and I'll make sure that each instrument gets a fun part. It'll have a saxophone section too, something more modern. The soloist will switch between the clarinet and bass clarinet.


Anyways, thanks for reading again. The piano versions are done and over with. I'll post a finished movement as I create them. New content might not come out for a while though since orchestral movements take some time to arrange. Maybe I'll experiment with VSTs instead of the midi arrangements too. Have fun and a happy holiday.

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hey what are the license for these sheet music? i'm thinking of remixing them, if you gives permission.

Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution; Whatever you want but give me a holla and a credit or Imma cry a river :)