Entry #103

Almost Done...

2017-12-16 22:55:45 by Tyguy80s

I've got the sheet music ready for the Sad Flowers collection. I got the score read video if that's what you're into. Fair warning, in the video the Alto Flute part's not transposed. Will report back once those piano transcriptions are provided. The piano versions of these songs will be posted on YouTube and IMSLP.org too, and if different from the piano versions already available here will simply replace the song file already present here on NG.

In the piano versions, I hope to more capture the spirit of the flute/sax collection versions of the songs. I've published the piano sketches/concept here, but of course when adapting for the woodwind consort I embelished and ornamented the music to fit the instruments. Now that I've got the ornaments there and know the vibe. It should be captured into piano songs since the piano would add a sort of depth with it's bass range and up to 10 note voicings; the versatility of the instrument more or less. A piano/keyboard's more accesible than finding 4 flautists and a tenor sax player that are willing to put up with each other  :P


Thanks for reading. I wish to ressume to other projects, but first I must finish the piano transcriptions and get this project out of my mind so that energy can really be focused into the next bit of fun music. Most likely, it'll be Romances For Viola/Violin. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays.


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