Entry #102

Finalizing Flutes & Sax Project

2017-12-13 23:17:31 by Tyguy80s

Hello again!


Although I'm still not sure of the project's name yet, I'm sure that I've finished it's last song. It seems I'm not in that frame of mind anymore and the project was intended to be a shorter collection anyhow. Seven miniatures that total at about 15 minutes and 20 seconds I suppose is enough; especially if I'm not really inspired to write more for it. I'll work on the sheet music, the piano transcriptions and versions, and maybe make a little album cover myself, like some paperclip stickmen holding flutes and one playing a saxophone. Outta be as cute as the songs presented. 


As far as what's next after this project's finished, I definitely want to move on to maybe the romances for viola/violin or maybe do that Frog Suite idea with the bassoon and oboe and strings sorta deal. I think I might write a organ solo or a bass clarinet solo in between. Imagination and the infinite world of creativity and music really.


Anyways, thanks for reading. I have more music in mind; just have to get it out of my head and into the software. Here's to the future and better things!



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