Entry #101

Starting Anew... song...

2017-12-10 20:39:05 by Tyguy80s

Another song for the Flutes & Sax project. Anew, I suppose I called it that since it's at a faster tempo, 180bpm, and I was going for something that didn't have the normal slower feel my music usually has. Good variety for this flute and sax project; it'll have different kinds of songs throughout. As far as what I'm going to call the album when finished... I've have a few ideas

Flutes & a Sax
Miniatures for Flutes & a Sax
Little Songs For Flutes & a Sax
Fluttery & Fuzzy...

It'll figure itself out in time. When it's done though, I'll upload all the sheet music and have piano transcriptions of all the songs too. After this, maybe the next project will be romances for viola/violin since I really enjoyed making that romance for viola and it got 235views in the single day when I uploaded the violin arrangement. Thanks for reading,


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2017-12-11 22:02:58

i have a question, why is all your track sound like midi rendered?

Tyguy80s responds:

Because it really is midi rendered. I use conversion-tool.com


2017-12-15 13:13:21

Sibelius can use VST right?

Tyguy80s responds:

Yes it can, so I'll do some research on that and get some realistic sounds :) Thank I0TA.


2017-12-15 14:30:28

If you need help I can give you free recommendations.

Tyguy80s responds:

Oh cool. Okay I0TA, shoot.