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Songs For Harp & Bass Clarinet

2017-08-16 20:29:55 by Tyguy80s

It's reasonable to think that 19 minutes and 36 secs is enough music to justify creating an EP. I plan on giving this collection to a friend to keep his baby calm while he drives him places. Since these songs have 200-400 view on NG, I figure it'd be worth sharing in the form of an EP and arrange it into a suite, maybe one day it could be performed. Perhaps I could sell this, or maybe just find a way to get it played by humans first then sell it... who knows? Thanks for reading.



Buying a Clarinet

2017-08-14 19:46:22 by Tyguy80s

Hello again!


With this post, I'll share with y'all my project ideas and a recent happening. The recent happening being me considering buying a bass clarinet and/or a standard Bb clarinet. Listened to some New Orleans Jazz and Rhapshody in Blue made me realize how intrigued by the standard clarinet I am now. I've been considering a bass clarinet for awhile, after all I've been writing lots of music for it :)

Speaking of writing music, here are my projects that I have in mind currently.


This Heart is Numb - A good 'ol bass clarinet and harp song! I wanted to revist a theme in the Burnt Okra song and develop it. It's in B minor, and yes it's somewhat sad. I could make it happy, only time will tell. It'll have a solo on each instrument, but it should be a short song. I'll probably have it done by tomorrow night.


Ensemble - I'm thinking Bass Clarinet, Two Clarinets, and a Viola and Cello. Maybe  it'll be in Bb, maybe I'll include a piano instead, not sure. I suppose this'll be the next bigger song to work on once I finish the above project.


That let's you know what I'm up to these days. Clarinets and music for clarinets on my mind. That, and making cars look brand new where I work. Thanks for reading and have a good day.



I did, I sent an e-mail and am awaiting response. If they don't respond, I'll simply give it time, two months, two years, two decades, however long's not important. They don't far from my house either. They're a chamber ensemble that play at a local church, which is why I chose not to just prance through the door uninvited.


So, after my lastest symphonic movement, I decided to expand upon it's harp part in "Journey Through a New World".  I uploaded  a bassoon quartet  song this morning. Since I uploaded it at like 9:30am, I wasn't expecting it to get a lot of views :) Maybe a republish is in in order, for the traffic. Speaking of traffic, there seems to be a spike in popularity with "Trust in Despair"... only one download though. Oh well, just making sure I let y'all about my lastest work.


Here's the project list I have in mind so far


Brass Quintet... or ensemble in Bb: I'm not sure with this one. The "standard" brass quintet's two trumpets, a trombone, a french horn, and a tuba. I kinda wanna experiement and include a baritone saxaphone instead... I suppose I could just make a new song later one.... desicions decisons. 

Basssoon Quartet in Bb. Definitely taking another crack at this sorta piece. I envisioned a song strating on a Bb to C chord, so I do wanna bring that to life.


Love & Anguish Redo: My very first upload, I feel it has more pontential and is yearning, waiting, to be embelished upon. I'll re-create this into a symphonic movement; change small things like how boring and dreary the opening is, that way people'd actually wanna listen to it.


Piano Solo: I have this set for last, because I really want to take this next piano song in a new direction. I want a song that can encompass some really intense emotions, the evil kind, that we all sometimes have. I'm saving it for last though, like how in an RPG you save the harder quests for after you've grinded for XP and gained five levels :)


Thanks for reading. These are the projects I have in mind and looking forward to knocking'em out one by one.2450532_150207747511_fingers2.jpg

Not Too Bad For a Shit Post

2017-07-29 19:46:18 by Tyguy80s

So, I published this song. It was more or less an exercise in balancing instruments, since the song includes a harpischord. Next to come is anout harp and bass clarinet song. The reason for the next song is because I have another symphony piece in min in Eb minor; it'll include harp and bass clarinet. So basically my most recent work's more or less practice for the big song I'm working. Thanks for reading2450532_150137197242_UnlikelyDuet.jpg

Writing a God-damned Symphony

2017-07-17 17:01:11 by Tyguy80s

So, I'm going to leaving the two minute show tunes for a bit and create something more meaningful, an orchestral symphony in E minor. It's going to feature brass, strings, percussion. It shall be dramatic, it shall be sweet, and it will probably be something that Harry Gregson-Williams himself would scoff at and say, "meh, it s'alright". Prepare your anus Newgrounds, I'm going to write something quite nice this time!


I Wrote a Symphony!

2017-07-09 08:50:54 by Tyguy80s

Gotta love virtual computer orchestras. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/754296 This was definitely a creative obstalce course to compose but I can say I've written an orchestral symphony now. Thanks for listening2450532_149960464181_symphonies.jpg

I'm Back Newgrounds!

2017-07-04 16:52:59 by Tyguy80s

I've been away for a while. I had about six years of growing up to do and now I'm back. Not sure if I'm doing cartoons anymore, but I'm really into composing music now, so I'll definitely upload that here for people to share and enjoy. Other than that, I got into really good shape and can run a 17:40 5k and I work at a Carwash. That's Tyguy80s now. Thanks for reading.2450532_149920156122_TylerBeach2.jpg

Goodbye Newgrounds

2011-01-18 13:16:36 by Tyguy80s

I've decided to stop my animation doings because I've found a new "hobby". Ever since I started playing guitar some time in Mid-2010, I was losing interest in my Flash animtions, and now (and has been since November) I'm quitting my animating hub. I'm probably not gonna visit Newgrounds anymore for reasons other than the front page games (those are freakin' fun!).

I'm not even gonna bother taking down the content on my profile page... so.... yeah.....

This is my final farewell. Goodbye Newgrounds.

Alright, so I've decided I'm not going to finish the flash I was working for 2 years and I know why; It wasn't very well planned out. No storyboard, no script, just thoughts that were kept in mind was what that thing was. The other, probably more dominant reason why I stop making it was because I wasn't having fun making it.

So my final thjoughts here is if it takes a year to make it and I'm "not" having any joy making the thing, then it's settled. I'm most likely gonna have a new cartoon idea that's more articulatly planned out than my other animations so far. I realized I've been downing alot of my ideas lately but now, I believe its time I mention this. I don't know if I'm losing interest in the Animation arts or perhaps I was not making ideas that I could work with.

I'm just gonna say as bad ideas. I've been making several videos for my "personal" youtube channel if you dare to watch. So, I guess that's what I'm gonna throw out there for now so Thanks for reading and bye.

I'm NOT making the short

2010-10-17 11:19:35 by Tyguy80s

Sorry to say, I'm not making but I will release it next year being I already made the voice recordings. I will continue making the x-mas flash that has yet to be finished. For right now, I guess you can watch the 2 new videos I made on my 'personal' youtube profile here.

On unrelated note, I plan on making use of making storyboards and scripts for my animation work for now on.