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Goodbye Newgrounds

2011-01-18 13:16:36 by Tyguy80s

I've decided to stop my animation doings because I've found a new "hobby". Ever since I started playing guitar some time in Mid-2010, I was losing interest in my Flash animtions, and now (and has been since November) I'm quitting my animating hub. I'm probably not gonna visit Newgrounds anymore for reasons other than the front page games (those are freakin' fun!).

I'm not even gonna bother taking down the content on my profile page... so.... yeah.....

This is my final farewell. Goodbye Newgrounds.

Alright, so I've decided I'm not going to finish the flash I was working for 2 years and I know why; It wasn't very well planned out. No storyboard, no script, just thoughts that were kept in mind was what that thing was. The other, probably more dominant reason why I stop making it was because I wasn't having fun making it.

So my final thjoughts here is if it takes a year to make it and I'm "not" having any joy making the thing, then it's settled. I'm most likely gonna have a new cartoon idea that's more articulatly planned out than my other animations so far. I realized I've been downing alot of my ideas lately but now, I believe its time I mention this. I don't know if I'm losing interest in the Animation arts or perhaps I was not making ideas that I could work with.

I'm just gonna say as bad ideas. I've been making several videos for my "personal" youtube channel if you dare to watch. So, I guess that's what I'm gonna throw out there for now so Thanks for reading and bye.

I'm NOT making the short

2010-10-17 11:19:35 by Tyguy80s

Sorry to say, I'm not making but I will release it next year being I already made the voice recordings. I will continue making the x-mas flash that has yet to be finished. For right now, I guess you can watch the 2 new videos I made on my 'personal' youtube profile here.

On unrelated note, I plan on making use of making storyboards and scripts for my animation work for now on.


I'm making the short!

2010-10-09 20:44:55 by Tyguy80s

The halloween flash I'm gonna make will sadly, be a 1 minute short. Reason being? It's because I'm currently making the X-mas Flash that's in progress and I want it done this year, so I'll make the halloween short to have something for everybody to watch. Besides I've wanted to make a halloween flash anyway :D

Cool thing about it being short is that I can most likely get it done by the end of 2 weeks (5 days if either rushed or worked on most of my time.) so I can get straight back to the Christmas Flash, which will be released this December. Hope you all are looking forward to that!

Have a good time guys and girls!

Halloweenie Flash Time!

2010-10-03 20:12:39 by Tyguy80s

Alright, I have an idea for a Halloween flash which I'll most likely make. I'll have to side draft the christmas flash if I want to do this. This toon has a smaller story to it, so I should get this done by the end of the month.

I haven't got much interesting to say right now anyway. So... I guess I'll just keep this post as is.

So go check out my youtube profile here and my 'personal' youtube here. I'll have something better to say next time! Bye.

Well, yeah I know its been about a month since I made a post so I'll update you on wwhat I'm doing right now then I'll you some new stuff.

The X-mas Flash you never finished?

I've completed a section of the scene I'm currently working on, now I just gotta to make time for new voice recordings.

Anything new?

I've been posting a couple of new videos to my "personal" youtube channel if you want to watch. The videos I put there are probably just going to be me playing cheezy video games and videos that don't deserve alot of amazingness but I still feel like uploading.

I've also been learning guitar and have entered a few free giveaways of electric guitars such as the Eric Clapton Stratocaster and the Epiphone G-400. Other than that, I might a short video to put on my personal youtube profile.

That some stuff for now and have a good morning, afternoon, or whatever time it may be.

Links: (Yeah I'm gonna start doing this for awhile)

Follow me on Twitter! I don't much often
My Youtube Page and my "personal"Page.

I have setup a new youtube channel for my unrelated videos which you can go to by clicking here. I also uploaded a video which I plan on reuploasding due to audio problems in the video but as you can see, its not my usual video I make because its a personal channel for unrelated videos.

As for the X-mas flash, I am making slow but surely progress and I hopefully wan't to have it done by this October.

That's all I got for now so bye.

BTW Follow me on Twitter if you wan't

So what have I been doing lately?

I've been playing Oddworld : Abe's Oddysee on the PC and being bored pretty much. I'm working on the X-mas flash alittle but besides that nothing much else that would interest you.

I kinda look forward to making a walkthrough/gameplay for Abe's Oddysee when I complete the game but gaming isn't exactly my biggest suit (I love video games and games such as Abe's oddysee but making videos is not a promise I can keep).

One thing I wan't to say before I go is that I can't get the new icons into newgrounds so if anyone wants to help with that please, and yes I did pm Tom Fulp about it.

That all I have for now so yeah, bye!

Anyway, so I have to go to the music store tomorrow for 2 reasons. 1.) I have to get new dtrings for my guitar. 2.) I plan on buying an electric guitar and I wan't to try some out.

Now assuming you have read my last blog post about my entry for the asdfcomp thats out right now, you should that I've been done for about 2-3 days now. I didn't however get straight to making the X-mas flash which I still to this day didn't finish because I do have a life and I've got until next NG Christmas flash-out to submit it. That was a big sentence if you didn't notice.

What I have in store for after the X-mas Flash is finally done.

Taking a big break from making any cartoons for a while.
Plan on making a short for Newgrounds Halloween Flash-Out (I'll sidetrack from the Christmas flash If I have to.)
Start planning out a new cartoon series for our internet :D

So that's a bit of stuff for the future and thats what I have. Thank You! Goodnight!

So, being the video would be to short for newgrounds, I decieded that I'd upload it to YouTube for the asdfcomp that is out right now.

You can add comments, responed with video, or twitter and whatever on the youtube video or you can just watch the video below.

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So tell me what you think. Please post comments and stuff on youtube. This is all I have for today and yes, I'mk still working on the X-mas flash I never finished last year.