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My review of the WACOM Bamboo Tablet

9/6/09 by Tyguy80s
Updated 9/6/09

I had the tablet for about 2 months now and I decided to review the WACOM Bamboo Tablet for people who are thinking about getting this or perhaps, a tablet PERIOD!!

So if you don't know what it is, here is a quick bio on it
The WACOM Bamboo Tablet is a piece a hardware that is for skecthing or writing down notes on your computer "as advertised" (In non techinical terms A Drawing Pad)if you bougt it, GREAT its exactly as said. it features a Pressure Sensitive Wireless Pen that is compatible is with practicly ANY PROGRAM works on PCs and MACs

The reason you should get this is because it allows you to draw or write stuff in a more natural way and is supposed to feel more like pencil on paper which is the little knack that gets ya.

There are all so little Special Features that are one this that make this thing more fun and interesting

The tablet itself is 5.56 Inches Wide and 5.24 Inches Tall and a very thin of quarter of an inch thick and an active are (Drawing Space) of 3 inches tall and 4.25 inches wide but its bigger than it looks and a wireless and no battery required Bamboo Pen which is 6 inches tall whcih works just like a pen and has 512 levels of Pressure Sensitivity.

The Tablet has 4 "Express Keys" which can be optimized to do certain things such as Open up a program or take place of a keyboard shortcut (Say the "Ctrl+Alt+Delete") and a Finger Sensitve "Input Touch Ring" which can be changed to either maginify or zoom in and out or scrolling down a PDF Document "as advertised" and comes in the color Black and a identical looking pen which is wireless and does not need any type of battery has a realistic working Eraser on the bottom and 2 buttons near the pen tip which canbe used and changed to thing s like Clicking and right clicking.

Using the tablet:
The tablet can be used in 2 ways in mouse which you use like a mouse whcih the sliding an everything or in pen mode which the active area is mapped to the screen and every place you put the pen, the cursor should be on an identical place on the moniter which takes a few days to get used to but is worth it.

Overall this thing is AWESOME is needed for lots of things and is a GREAT starter tablet for doing what you do.

The cost of this as said on the WACOM site is $79.99 US Dollars and you can buy this on the site or a at a computer store or a place that sells computer things or just get it on for cheaper or around the same price.

I think this should deserve a 5 out of 5 and if you are wondering how some animatiors are so good at drawing animations nowadays, this is there secert a Tablet.


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